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The central focus of this paper is waning cultural education and Africa’s social decadence. This paper therefore is aimed at examining the causes and consequences of rapid erosion of cultural education in Africa and the prevailing social decadence, is very significant. This phenomenon has been a circle of contemporary African society blabbing emergence of a generation characterized by poor moral values. The failure to address this potential threat fostered by colonial social systems has the capacity of imploding the African personality trait and society at large. Thus, Africa is currently grappling with a pervasive moral crisis that has permeated the various facets of the African public life, with widespread social corruption serving as a conspicuous manifestation of this decay, is indicative of the extent to which the rot has become entrenched in the fabric of society. As a result the paper argues that, the pervasive societal decadence in Africa is the neglect of cultural education. This paper uses social change theory to analyze, describe and explain the qualitative data collection technique from secondary sources. The paper concludes that integration of informal and formal education systems will bring cultural education to the forefront with recommendations.


Africa, Waning, Cultural, Education, social, Decadence.

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