J. N. Ipem (PhD), Azukaego Ifeoma Eluemuno (PhD), Christopher O. Alaribe


This study investigated the relationship between self-esteem, mental health and suicide attempts among in-school adolescents of Nekede Federal Polytechnic, Imo State. The study adopted a correlation survey research design. Two research questions and two hypotheses were tested in the study. The population of the study comprised all in-school Adolescents of Nekede Federal Poly, giving a total of Nineteen Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty (19,250). Using cluster random sampling technique, a sample of 2800 respondents was drawn. The instrument used for data collection were, Adolescent Self- esteem and Mental Health Scale (ASEMHRS) and Adolescent Self- esteem and Suicide Rating Scale (ASESRS). Both instruments were developed by the researchers, vetted and validated by 2 experts in clinical psychology one educational psychology and one in measurement and evaluation. The reliability coefficient of internal consistency for ASEMHRS and ASESRS are 0.78 and 0.81 respectively. Using Cronbach Alpha Statistics, Phi-coefficient/correlation coefficient were used to answer the research questions while the Chi-square Statistics was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of the study revealed a strong relationship between levels of Self-esteem and Mental Health. The find also revealed a weak relationship between self-esteem and attempt of suicide. Based on the finding of the study, it was recommended that parents should encourage their children and wards to develop high level of self-esteem and confidence since levels of self-esteem has is have strongly associated with their wards mental health. The school should organize seminars for students to enlighten them on the need for one to have self-confidence in him/her. There should be an organized counseling unit mane by counseling experts, where student could be counseled on their mental and suicide related issues.


Relationship, Self-esteem, Mental Health, Suicide Attempts, in-school Adolescents

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