Ishaku Azi Ajik, Oziegbe Endurance Omijie, Shehu Shuaibu


This study examined the impact of educational wastage in public secondary schools in Fursum District in Jos East Local Government area of Plateau State. The research design employed was descriptive survey involving the use of questionnaires and other relevant sources of data. The target Population was 200 consisting 2 out of 3 public secondary schools in Fursum District. The teachers and students were sampled out, 50 students were sampled out from each school. The total number of 20 teachers was sampled, 10 from each school, this gave a total of 120 respondents. Data collected were analyzed using rating scale, mean and standard deviation. While Chi-square was used to test the null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance and the bench mark was 2.50. Hence the study concludes that; Suicide, reduction of employment opportunities and low self esteem are the impact of educational wastage on the students. The impact on parents include; Increase in parent expenditure emotional instability and fear for the future of their children. While societal impact of educational wastage are high rate of crime, low citizen participation in politics, more spending on education by the society and low number of graduates will be recorded in the society. Hence the study recommends proper awareness programmes should be conducted by the ministry of education at least twice per term to enlighten students on the dangers of leaving school untimely no matter the challenges, educational policies by government should include the award of scholarship to students in order to assist them in paying school fees due to educational wastage in the study area.


Dropout, Educational wastage, Impact, Wastage, Withdrawal.

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