Okudo Odinakolisa Christopher (PhD), Obumse Nneka Anthonia (PhD), Nwudu Ngozi Theresa (PhD)


This study was on the influence of parents on the academic behaviour of adolescents in south eastern state of Nigeria. Evaluation survey design was adopted for the study, five research questions and one null hypothesis guided the study. The population of the study was 36, 240 SS (III) students from south eastern Nigeria during the 2022/23 academic year. The sample size consists of 2500 students drawn through purposive sampling technique. The research instrument was a questionnaire made up of 40 items in three clusters. The data collected were analysed using aggregate scores for research question 1, mean and standard deviation for research questions 2,3,4 while hypothesis one was tested using -t- test for mean scores. The findings of the study revealed among others that majority of adolescents from south eastern Nigeria were satisfied with their levels of academic behaviour and evaluated their parents as contributing meaningfully towards their academic behaviour development. The following recommendations were made among others. There is the need to cushion the gap existing between the urban and rural adolescents by providing basic amenities such as infrastructure and good communication network. There is need for a greater awareness among rural parents on the responsibility towards the academic behaviour development of their adolescents through seminars and conferences.


Influence, Parents, Adolescents, Academic behaviour, South-eastern States.

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