Godwin Ejike Oke, Ugochukwu Oluchi Samuel, Patience Ukamaka Ezeh


This paper basically focuses on highlighting the impact of inclusive education on children with special needs. It states that support and provision of special services in education, vocation and personal social needs is of paramount importance. And inclusive education is one of the most essential means of providing them. The paper examines the concept of inclusive education for children with special needs. It also reveals that education of children with special needs is a matter of the child’s right and not privilege. Therefore, for effective identification and recognition of the child’s potentialities, provision of maximum education through inclusive collaboration would be of great importance. Inclusive education will enable the child benefit from educational provisions thereby making him a functional member of a given society. The paper gives the brief history of inclusive education in Nigeria and the prospective learners in inclusive classroom setting. It discusses the tasks of teachers in inclusive classroom, challenges of inclusive education and factors for successful inclusive education.


Inclusive Education, Vital Tool, Improvement, Children, Special Needs.

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