Monica Emmanuel Alaku (PhD), Nzube Vivian Okpala


This paper explores language as a tool for communication in managing the challenges of pandemics. Language is a medium of communication that helps us express and convey the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of two individuals. A language is a communication tool used by everyone in their daily life as a means to convey information and arguments to others. In this case, language cannot be separated from society because language represents its nation and has a close relation to the attitude or behavior of groups of speakers of the languages. Language communication paved way for the society at large in relating and managing the challenges of the widespread pandemics that occurred in our society. The paper further reveals the concepts of language, language as a communication device, functions of language, the role of language as a communication tool, communication, components of communication, the purpose of communication, pandemics, challenges of pandemics, managing the pandemic and theoretical framework, etc. It also suggested that Language should be taught from birth to enable everyone to be carried along in society, there should be constant communication through social media or other means to reach out to people for more updates and the masses should also be educated or enlightened to avoid the continuous widespread of the pandemic.


Language, tool, Communication, Challenges, Pandemics.

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