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Marriage is a social phenomenon because it is an activity that is found in all religions and cultures of the world. For many centuries, Marriage was between a man and a woman until death do them part, but today, it is between two people, their sexes notwithstanding and it may be a lifelong relationship or a contract that may be terminated at will. Previous studies on marriage have paid little or no attention to biblical requisite to raise a godly home, which are central to the understanding of marital crisis in the contemporary Nigerian society. This study examines therefore, examined the biblical ingredients or requisites that make a godly home in biblical literature and the Nigerian context. Historical method was used for the research. It was discovered that many marriages failed in our contemporary time because the couples do not follow the biblical principles guiding their marriage from inception. Most couples have not embraced God, the author of marriage. These are the reasons why ungodly acts are the order of the day among our young people today. Most of the children that are involved in vices today are products of bad or failed marriages. The study concludes that for any marriage to fulfill its purpose, it must imbibe the biblical principles guiding it. God must the centre of any home for it to stand the test of time and raise godly Children that will transform the nation.


Biblical Marriage, man, woman, godly home, Nigeria.

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