Gertrude Onyema Ikpekaogu (PhD), Rev.Sr.Dr. Celestine Adaku Ogazie


This paper discusses insecurity and mental health counselling among the aged in Nigeria. The study also takes a critical look at its implication for counselling. The objective of National Health System is to develop successful and functional aging model to prepare for biomedical, psychological and social changes; an integral component of psychosocial health in overall quality of life which is underscored while focusing on mental health of the aged. Insecurity in almost all parts of Nigeria, Social Security System and Cultural Considerations poses Challenges to the aging people in Nigeria. The Nigerian national system faces similar challenges in preparing a national framework that could provide coverage to citizens’ demographic changes in the aged. By focusing on five target areas such as the educational system, health services, community-based initiatives, local or regional policies and national strategies and needed framework in Nigeria could be modified to prepare for changing demographics in the aged.


Insecurity, Mental Health, Counselling, The aged, Implication, Nigeria.

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