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The issue of child abuse and neglect is fast becoming a norm in our contemporary society. Biblically, children are considered to be the heritage of the Lord and should be catered for. Unfortunately, the reverse is now the case in our present-day where some children are being neglected and abused. The effects of this is been felt in the larger society where lawlessness is fast leading to anarchy if quick interventions are not made.  This paper therefore, examined the efforts of church in reducing the problem of child abuse. It investigates some cases of child abuse, its causes and its effects and the efforts of the chosen churches in reducing it. Interviews were used for the purpose of data collection and some relevant literatures were also reviewed. The findings of the work revealed that: the church being a moral bastion of the society realized that child abuse is prevalent in Ikere-Ekiti, this town is in South Western Nigeria. Efforts of the church in reducing child abuse in the town were revealed. Moreover, based on these findings, the work recommends that, the church should continue in its efforts of identifying and responding to agonizing situations of the abused children by meeting their needs in provision of foods, shelter and education. The paper finally recommends that, the church should provide help to redeem victims of child abuse from their abusers.


Impacts, Church, Menace Curbing Roles, Child Abuse, Ikere-Ekiti

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