Musbahu Salihu Mukhtar, Ahmad Shuaibu Abdullahi (PhD), Shamsuddeen Salisu


This study investigated The Relationship between Facility Utilization and Senior Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement In Dutsin-Ma Local Government, Katsina State, two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study.  survey research designs were adopted for the study. The population of the study consisted of all the 22 senior secondary schools principals and 322 senior secondary school teachers in Dutsin-ma local government, making a total of 344 target populations for the study. The study used 20 senior secondary school principals and 176 teachers as a sample which makes 196 sample size for the study. A research self-developed instrument titled “Principals’ and Teachers’ Questionnaire” (PTQ) was used for eliciting necessary information from the respondents. The content validity of the instruments was established by subjecting the instrument criticism of experts and authorities in the field of enquiry. The reliability index of the PTQ instrument was obtained at correlation coefficient r= 0.83 using Pearson product- moment correlation. Mean, standard deviation and Pearson-product- moment correlation (r) statistics tools were used for data analysis. The major findings of the study were summarized as follows: The study revealed that there is a significant relationship between facility availability and senior secondary school students’ academic achievement in Dutsin-ma local government Katsina State. Similarly, there is a significant relationship between facility utilization and senior secondary school students’ academic achievement in Dutsin-ma local government Katsina State.


Relationship, Facility availability, Facility utilization, Secondary School Students, Academic achievement.

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