Ebere Ann Onu, Patience Nwobodo (PhD), Bernadette Nwakaego Onyia, Christopher Onyema Odo


This study seeks to find the effects of reinforcement strategy (RS) on cooperative achievement of students with visual impairment (SWVI) in Enugu East Local Government Area, Nigeria. The specific objectives are to determine the level of cooperative achievement ability, and degree of academic skill of SWVI after treatment: using true experimental research design (Protest-Posttest, Control Group Design). The population is thirty-six (36) SWVI. The sample size is eighteen (18) SWVI. Cooperative achievement scale (CAS) is the instrument used to obtain data in this research. Research questions were answered using mean scores, frequencies, and percentages. To test hypotheses one and two, Analysis of covariance was utilized. The results revealed that RS changed the cooperative achievement ability and Academic performance ability of SWVI to high levels. This study recommended that curriculum for both junior and senior secondary school students should reviewed to meet the cooperative achievement needs of students and DSWVI.


Reinforcement Strategy, Cooperative Achievement, Students, Visual Impairment.

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