Augustine Sambo Azi (PhD), Vintseh Iliya Monday Usman


This study assessed the influence of government funding on teaching in public secondary schools in Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. The study adopted the  ex - post - factor research design with a population of 232 secondary school teachers from the 15 government senior secondary schools in the study area. The sample of the study comprised of 164 teachers, which represented 71 percent of the population. The study’s hypothesis examined the influence of Government funding of public secondary schools in Pankshin local government area on teaching. Results from the test of the hypothesis revealed that government funding influences teaching in public secondary schools in Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau state, Nigeria. It was recommended among others, that sufficient funds should be made available by government for the management of public Secondary Schools. This will help to improve teaching in Secondary Schools, and Government should ensure that only qualified teachers are employed and deployed to teach in public secondary schools. Furthermore, existing teachers should be trained in order to improve their productivity, because it will positively enhance the performance of secondary school students. 


Influence, Government Funding, Teaching, Secondary Schools, Pankshin LGA.

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