Aneke Marcellinus Nnanna (PhD)


The preparation of culturally responsive teachers has become an increasing call amongst nations of the world. These crops of teachers are there to bridge the achievement gap and increase students co-learning in the classroom to motivate students of colors. This paper examined the mode of preparing culturally responsive teachers in Teacher Education Programmes (TEPs). Specifically, through hermeneutically interpretation it explained, Conceptual analysis of culturally responsive teachers, Steps to becoming a culturally responsive teacher, Characteristics of Culturally Responsive Teachers, The need for culturally responsive curriculum in education industry, Guidelines for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in TEPs, and Reconstructing the pedagogy used in teachers’ education programs (TEPs). The research paper x-rayed the preparation process in teachers’ education programmes in order to further empower teachers with specific knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions in the classroom of diverse students. Some recommendations and suggestions were made immediate response from the government.


preparation process, culturally responsive teachers, TEPs, culturally responsive curriculum, reconstructing pedagogy.

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