Ngafi Emmanuel Wongeh, Terna Kondom, Agnes Alpha, Edward Nyamla, Christopher Friday Iyalla


Supervision is characterized by collaboration, science, integrated, standing and flexible. The functions of supervision such as goal development, paper examines the characteristics of supervision which include; Collaboration, standing, motivation, professional growth, programme development, problem solving, control and coordination, this and evaluation of educational outcomes. Effective supervision in school management is   being challenged by shortage of external supervisors, staff inadequacy, inadequate instructional materials, lack of training, lack of time, fiscal inadequacy, and inadequate instructional materials. The ways by which supervision can be improved upon has been discussed in this paper. These are: joint effort, work-related skills, personal skills, dual focus, attitudes, growth and orientation, clear understanding, proactivity, knowledge and information and systematic process.


Supervision, School, Management, Challenges, Forward.

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