Albert Idowu, Shakantu Winston, Kabir Ibrahim


This paper’s target is to increase the understanding of the lean production approach to materials management in the Nigerian construction industry with a view to enhancing site materials management and reduce waste. This is a preliminary study for ongoing PhD research; and was conducted with desk top research method, which made use of existing literature on the lean approach and materials management in the construction industry. As a result, a theoretical framework is proposed, which will be instrumental in the effective materials management in the construction industry. This study adds value to the concept of adopting a new management approach to the construction industry; as well as creating awareness of the lean production approach to materials management. Additionally, it argues that the lean production approach, which is uncommon to the Nigerian construction process, would offer valuable techniques to managing construction activities with improved workflows and a minimised waste generation.


construction, design management, framework, Lean, materials management.

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