Lugard A. Emokpae (PhD)


Gender right is a human right; right of equality upon men and their women counterparts in sourcing for opportunities all over the world. It also involved the right to equal opportunity in religious practices. Gender disparity in religion has continued to generate controversies across many denominations. Misconceptions over these subjects abounds. Many religious set believed that women are of inferior gender, therefore should be secluded from leadership position in religion. This same set believed that leadership in spiritual realm must be male dominated, while others took an opposite position and align with the provision of the United Nations Charter of Human Rights (UNCHR), that the dignity and worth of every human being should be viewed as equal, that is; men and women should be seen as equal to each other in worth and dignity, that every human being are born free and equal and without distinction of any kind,and that gender equality should be viewed as allowing women to take the position due to them, this will also extends to economic participation and decision making in the society at large. The United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) viewed gender equality to men, women, boys and girls enjoying the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. International Labour Organization (ILO) points out also that gender equality is prima facie for equal rights and opportunities. This right must be extended to religion. This paper took a survey at some religious organization such as, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism and a conclusion was drawn to the effect that, elimination of gender discrimination in religious houses would go a long way in illuminating viable ideas for human growth and development. This paper also critically frown at discrimination at all facets of life to conclude that inequality in gender is tantamount to a state of opprobrium to women’s right.


Legal Perception, Gender Equality, Women Leadership, Religion, UNCHR, ILO.

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