Ambrose Obodoezeojiakor Ogueche (PhD), Rev. Fr. Dr. Williams Peter Awoshiri, Joseph Umar Bibinu, Habila Katuka, Benjamin Sergius


The thrust of this paper is on Christianity and emancipation of women in Nsukka Cultural zone of Nigeria.  It examined the roles played by Christianity in fighting against the harmful Cultural practices against women in the area. The researchers made use it secondary source of data Collection as their methodology. The work found out that Christianity helped in no small measures in protecting the fundamental human rights of women and improved the value System of the people. The work suggested that the government and other relevant stakeholders should increase the enrolment of girls and women in schools. public awareness should be created among women for them to know their rights.


Christianity, Emancipation, Womanhood, Gender Issues, Nsukka Cultural Zone.

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