Okudo Odinakolisa Christopher (PhD), Nneka Anthonia Obumse


This study titled elements of psychological adjustments among contemporary Nigeria adolescents is a descriptive essay that x-rays the adjustment patterns of Nigerian adolescents vis-a-vis the four elements comprising psychological adjustment patterns. These elements in the adjustment pattern include permanency and change, perception, motivation and emotion. The introduction to the study presented at the background what necessitates adjustment and went further to define adjustment underscoring the various manners adjustment could be attained namely, in the economic, religious and biological perspectives citing concrete examples of such types of adjustments. Furthermore, the background presented the definition of adolescent and went further to present an elaborate explanation of adolescents citing the three major conceptions and postulations held on adolescents, namely the biological, cultural and sociological conceptions. The study further discussed the elements of adjustment process namely persistence and change, perception, motivation and emotion and further expatiated how these factors constitute adjustments processes among the Nigerian adolescent. The study was brought to conclusion bringing to focus the situation of the adolescents and the elements of psychological adjustment. Here the study examined the adaptability of Nigeria young adolescence with respect to above cited elements. The study in presenting the Nigerian situation discovered that the Nigerian adolescents tends to respond to adjustment that suites their convenience even when such adjustments are negative and poor. Consequently, their psychosocial and socio-cognitive adjustments levels are poor, they have very poor motivation index, they tend to pressures that are negative and eschew unpleasant situation that are positive.


Elements, Psychological Adjustment, Adolescents, Contemporary Society, Nigeria.

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