Marcellinus N. Aneke (Revd. Fr., PhD), Chinwe Angel Nnamani (PhD), James O. Okeke (Revd. Fr)


Education continues to present opportunities to increase the value chain of any nation. Early Childhood and Care education is the most important aspect of a nation’s building and development. It is important to note that early childhood care is quite very necessary in every child. The better a child is cared in this stage of life; the more opportunity paves way for him/her in life, both in education and life as adult in the society. Considering the foregoing, therefore, the paper discusses the important work of family in the upbringing of a child especially in childhood stage, it highlighted the function of education at that stage and challenges that accompany early childhood education. School is the lager family in which the child sees himself or herself. The life in the family is a precursor to school life. Therefore, the success of a child in his education depends largely on the positive or negative influence the child had in the family. Furthermore, the mélange of these institutions in a positive way will give the child a balance in his/her academic pursuit as an adult.


Family, Childhood Education, Challenges, Quality Caregiver, Competent Teachers.

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