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Any significant attempt at nation building and development begins with education. Such an education ought to be adapted to the mentality, traditions, occupations, aptitudes and general worldviews of those being educated. University education, especially, is an important form of investment in human capital. That is why this paper focuses on the gains and pains of university education in Nigeria and the prospects that could boost its sustenance. The study adopts the qualitative research design, with data derived basically from library materials. The expository and evaluative tools are employed to analyse the data. However, this study observed that in spite of the importance and gains derived from university education, Nigeria has been bedeviled by many pains in her university education sector, such that anyone who has the good of the country at heart would agree that the sector needs a divine touch. The paper recommends that all relevant stakeholders ought to put hands on deck towards revamping the waning university education in Nigeria. If this is done, the quality of university education in Nigeria would be engendered so as to create a more educated and functional Nigerian populace and thereby better her social and developmental outlook.


Education, University Education, Human Capital Investment, Sustainable National Development, Nigeria

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