C. Chinwokwu Eke (PhD), Sunday S. Adaka (PhD)


Nigeria, as a country is currently confronted with myriads of security challenges that have rocked its very root and questioned the capacity of government to protect lives and property of citizens. These problems are orchestrated by the activities of violent extremists, terrorists, kidnappers, armed bandits and other violent elements. These problems traverse the breath and length of the country as if government security forces have gone on vacation. These have dire consequences on our nascent democracy and sustainable development as the image of the country has been smeared globally, and Nigeria ascribed as the third most risk nation to live. It is the responsibility of government to provide security and welfare for her citizens; however, this seems to be a herculean task for government at the moment because citizens live in fear, insecurity and threats of violence daily. This paper aimed at interrogating the relationship between social control and violent extremism and the implications for sustainable development in Nigeria. This paper utilized the frustration and aggression theory as framework for the analysis of the subject matter. Relying chiefly on secondary sources of data, the paper engages archival review of existing literature on violent extremism, and government’s efforts in combating the menace and probable reasons for its persistence. The paper recommends among others diverting youth’s energy and talent to meaningful sporting activities and entertainment through the establishment of competitive and rewarding events, protection of security accoutrements to avoid violence proliferation by civilian populace, and criminalization of open grazing and herdsmen criminal activities.


Social Control, Violence, Violent Extremism, Sustainable Development, Insecurity

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