Edwin Chukwuaguzie Elujekwute (PhD), Lilian Oigoche, Catherin Ese-Osa okoli, Ismaila Umar


The thrust of this paper is to examine the prospects and challenges of Nigeria teacher education in a depressed economy. The Federal Republic of Nigeria recognizes the importance of teacher education when it states that teacher education would continue to be given a major emphasis in all educational planning, as no education will rise above the quality of its teachers. This paper x-rays the concept of teaching, legal requirements of the teaching profession, who a teacher is, classes of teachers, concept of teacher education and its brief history, teacher training Institutions, prospects, and challenges of teacher education. It was discovered amongst others that teacher education is confronted with poor funding and other factors and recommended that government at all levels should cooperate and fund teacher education in all its ramifications.


Teaching, Teacher Education, Prospects, Challenges, Depressed Economy, Way-Forward.

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