Shuaibu Danbaba Abdullahi, Naanfwang Titus Tunnyang


This study provides insights into the concept of education, educational management, good governance and school security in secondary schools in Nigeria. The paper discussed the three basic component of educational management such as planning, implementation and controlling. Treats to school security were also highlighted, along with challenges to school security.  In addition, related literatures were reviewed in relation to educational management as a panacea to good governance and school security. The paper concluded that educational management is a powerful tool that can be deployed to bring about good governance in our secondary school system and our nation at large. Furthermore, educational management can effectively be used to improve the security situation in our schools. It was recommended that school principals should deploy all the available educational management strategies to ensure good governance and effective school security for the overall growth and development of our education system.


Management, Educational Management, Good Governance, School Security, Beyond Covid-19 Era.

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