Clement Godwin, Adeniyi Babajide Akeju, Nurain Olufemi Mayaleeke


This study examined the perceived influence of e-marketing and infographics strategy on consumer purchasing power. Five research questions and hypotheses each guided the study. A descriptive research design of survey type was used. The population under study comprised 2968 staff of University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. A total of 500 staff of University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria was the sample size representing 16.84% of the population size. Stratified random sampling technique was used. Stratification of the chosen sampled was based on gender balance. Researcher developed questionnaires; titled: E-Marketing, Infographics and Consumer Purchasing Power Questionnaire (EICPPQ) with 0.92 as reliability coefficient was used for data collection.  Regression analysis was used in answering the research questions 1-5. Hypotheses 1-3 were tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC). Hypotheses 4 and 5 were tested using t-test. Decision was made at .05 significance level. The findings revealed that e-marketing and infographics (product branding and advertisement) predict consumer purchasing power and that about 12% of the variance in consumer purchasing power was accounted for by the linear combination of the independent variables (e-marketing, product branding and advertisement). It was also found out that e-marketing and infographics (product branding and advertisement) positively related consumer purchasing power, that is, an increase in e-marketing and infographics on company products and services might increase consumer purchasing power. It was recommended that various brands should employ effective communication in e-marketing and pay attention to the growing trend of online marketing in their marketing approach to influence consumer purchasing power. Organization should endeavour to apply on-time delivery as to encourage regularity of visits and consumer patronage of online stores. 


E-Marketing, Infographics, Product Branding, Advertisement, Consumer Purchasing Power

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