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In Nigeria, observation shows that a good number of persons are ignorant of blacksmithing and its usefulness to mankind. This situation applies to many unemployed Nigerian graduates who do not know that blacksmithing could substitute for government and other employer’s employment to earn a living. Even the Nigerian government seems to have minute understanding of the benefits of blacksmithing to the nation, a reason for which the challenge of unemployment of the youths, and their poor economic growth and development is on the increase. Axiomatically, revealing the importance of blacksmithing to people would have shown the trade as an occupation. It would have also shown its role in nation building. So also it would have shown the possibility of continuing the trade in Nigeria. This no doubt has created research gap and dearth of literature on blacksmithing. The study focuses on preventing the unemployed Nigerian youths from living in misery. The objective of this study is to examine the benefits of blacksmithing via the condition of life of Elele Alimini blacksmiths in Nigeria. The aim of the study is to establish the usefulness of blacksmithing to mankind with the view of recommending the trade to the youths as a substitute for government and other employers’ employment in Nigeria and other parts of the world. The findings are based on biographical survey of qualitative research methods and research questions which tests the objective of the study. It adopts the historical survey technique which relies heavily on primary and secondary source of data collection. It was ascertained that the value of blacksmithing to mankind is enormous. Therefore blacksmithing to mankind has been established as a potential occupation in Nigeria and other parts of the world for sustainable development.


Blacksmithing, Alternative Income Earner, Unemployed, Beyond, Sustainable Development, Elele Alimini.

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