Nsude Anthony Okorie (PhD), Maryrose Ifulanya Otegbulu (PhD)


Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak is a threatening and deadly disease that poses serious concern to educational systems in all states of Nigeria, Enugu State inclusive. To contain coronavirus pandemic outbreak in Nigeria both federal Government and various State governments ordered for the immediate total lockdown of educational institutions. Coronavirus pandemic closures of schools therefore left the pupils and students, out of school. It appears there is no definite care for this deadly disease presently; hence there is a great need for preventive measures to annihilate its spread in schools. The Secondary School which the study is delimited is the cornerstone of educational system since it coincides with the critical period of adolescence, when important careers and life choices are made. It also determines the quality and quantity of the input into the tertiary level where higher manpower needs of the nation are produced. Therefore, the students of Secondary Schools require proper attention and care. The principals and teachers who occupy administrative positions in secondary schools in Enugu State need not only to teach these students but to manage them properly in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the schools. This study is designed to use Henry Fayol’s approach to suggest how principals and teachers should practically discharge their administrative roles so as to prevent coronavirus spread among students in secondary schools in Enugu State. This is expected to give an insight into healthy adaptive measures for both the staff and students in secondary schools in Enugu State. Finally, the following suggestions were made which include: periodical fumigation of schools, providing adequate hygiene facilities, maintaining physical distancing, wearing of nose and mouth mask, use of hand sanitizers, services of healthcare workers and isolation centres.


Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), Principals, Teachers, Secondary Education, Henry Fayol.

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